Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Fix-update (0.1.6)

What new in last update (fix-update 0.1.6):

"-Just relied, there is no actual reason for Gabby to change into her swimsuit and asking Gias if it bothers him. (well at least after the first time) No one says you have to give an massage in your underwear. Maybe change the underwear part into: It's just easier/more comfortable to do this in something easily to move in. Well I just have the feeling she as an slight exhibition kink."
Partially Fixed

"-Spending time by resting in the bed, should recover some HP."

"-Maybe give the teacher an first and an second name like Amelia Hutson and after you gained enough relationship points with her, she says that Gias could use her first name."
Partially Fixed

"-It's a bit strange that you can leave the hospital on both sides."

"-Old Lady in front of the house, you forgot "these" in front of gluttons"

"-That funny talk between these little children. The first box should be: "Will you show me your trunk between your legs?" The last one is wrong too, well I'm not sure what the boy want to say. So can't help with that now, sorry."

"-At the trash, it should be: (Just the trash...)"

"-The booth with the sect: "...Our Sect is glad for all newcomers, join us!..."

"-The one automat at the hospital, would sounds better like: (Currently I don't want an drink...)"

"When i got lev2 from fighting I got message "you learned Double Attack" (or something similar)
But now I am lev4 and I still cant use any skills (when i click Skills in battle or not it is empty)"
I Hope I Fixed It

"Superfluous picture in battle"

Now the world is more alive;

Added easter eggs about future updates;

Added skip mode for Ms. April(Teacher);

Added some another things.

You must start from scratch


  1. I have a question:
    will it maybe possible in the future if you finish your game, make a art switch button? Like a Art Addon/DLC.
    I saw your new Art for the mother, it is good detailed and has a light dark feel.
    I like the simplic old art variant too because it has a cutish and bright color look.

  2. Do we really need to start from scratch i mean i've openned the game and everything looks fine so im just wondering what starting from scratch would do

  3. I am working with Judy for a few days now, after she asked for some help, whe do i get progress?

    1. I have been flirting with her to 65r and 58c with no change either, any ideas?