Sunday, August 21, 2016

Why 0.1.9 is so late

We are working hard to make so you are not missing out on anything in this version

Thank you for understanding.


  1. comes today update or tomorrow?

  2. Chill out guys... they are providing really nice piece of game. What is more- they are providing it for free. We should be more patient and understand, that they can have some troubles.

  3. it was just a question I know that it makes working with the rpg maker to work ...

  4. Don't hurry. Quality more important than quantity.

  5. Take however long you guys need, we know it'll be an awesome update once it's out.

    No pic teases, though? :P

  6. When you first launched your game it went out with a bunch of problems that you needed to patch up almost daily, you know. ;-)

    So this announcement means that you've realized it's better to have time to polish the game between versions instead of throwing us bitches something to eat. :-D

    And that's a good thing. A monthly content update is perfectly fine. Canon even.