Friday, April 14, 2017

Update 0.2.0 public release

What's new in the update(0.2.0):

New art, new scenes, fixed some bugs.

Now, new update will be every 2 weeks. 

Thank you for waiting!

You must start from scratch, new version conflicting with old save files

All this can be put into game only by applying a big work and your support.

Thank you for attention.


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  2. Was grateful to get 0.2.0 it plays well. One gripe no animations. One bug on my second visit to Dr. April after she kisses me or mouth to mouth (no artwork for that I presume) she puts me into Operating Room 1 and she stays in the hall and when I get up she triggers her conversation and I am locked into the room. The door to go out into the hallway stays locked. And IMHO having to lose battle, plus whatever money and courage you risked to get a +2 to her relationship is pretty crappy. But overall so far it is a good game.

  3. Nice and now an update every two weeks, it's like an dream!

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  5. -The first drawing scene with Norry lol...
    -Great work with the facial expression from Gias, I really like them.
    -The blowjob at the bath comes a bit quickly, maybe change it with the tighjob again?
    -Some of the night scenes are missing the skip option (licking Gabi, everything with Norry
    -Before the first sex with Norry I think you mean 'While you think, I can wait naked' and not can't.
    -The scene with Judy, where she feels Gias muscles.. Nice one.
    -More flavor talk for the sex scenes would be nice
    -Generally some talking scenes having rushed ending
    -I also have the bug with the second visit of Dr.April. I hope that should be also the end of the requirement to lose to meet her.

    Good work with the art redraw. I really look forward for what you have planned next!

  6. awesome work... waited for a looong time... Pretty excited

  7. bad.. h-scene not animated :/

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  9. no animations?! you waited all that long and no animations? this is kind of a downgrade mate, after your initial release of the game with all the animations, and now after the "4-5 months wait" we get the new version with no animations, i feel cheated -_-

  10. kinda missing the animations and not completely sold on the new art for all the scenes

    1. I feel you mate, i like the new characters drawing yes, but some of the scenes are just bad, totally... we have waited like 5 months and this is what we got :/

  11. anyone got a list of the new scenes? got all the scenes for wardrobe, got the ass grab scene, got the watching movie scene. Havent done anything with april/havent gotten to ss rank in fight club(not sure if they have anything).

  12. In the gallery the is a blank spot in the top left and im pretty sure i got all the scenes so I'm not sure if that is a bug or not.