Friday, July 29, 2016

Fix-update (0.1.3)

What new in last update (fix-update 0.1.3):

"anyway i got 75 courage and 85 relation with mom but still can't make her blow me or tease her pussy at night and more i cannot even play with the blonde sis :( "


"I had no idea those existed,or i have forgotten about them, so why would I go looking for them at that time. I'll blame Gaby for not asking for 3 RARE butterflies."


Saitooma dialogue 


Changed level balance;

Added name for dog;

Changed drop balance;

Added condition for mom blowjob;

And some other things. 


  1. Saw the pictures you postest on the LoK forum and I think the dark blue pupils are the best. I also read that you maybe want to change the animations into static pictures, please don't do this, I think the animations are really great.

    1. But It will be very hard to make a animation with such quality like that picture. I can try a flash animation but I don't know how to do it.